Anzac Biscuits

The journey to Albany was an epic adventure, the highlights were varied and I could talk about them all day so pop by Hatch Coffee in person for a brew if you want to know more details… the abbreviated highlights are:

Climbing a 58 metre tree with no health or safety considerations whatsoever. The future Mrs Hatch Coffee bailed on this one and waited at the bottom as I scaled the Gloucester tree, a former fire look-out point, only to realise when I reached the top that she still had the camera.
Seeing a troop of wild kangaroos hop by as we brushed our teeth at the side of the road before bed. This was a great accidental wildlife sighting.
Realising quite how small the world is as we bumped into so many people that we had a connection with, including the guy that originally converted our new camper van.
Walking a stretch of the Bibbulmun track, it was such a great walk even the snakes didn’t put us off.

We arrived in Albany on Anzac Day which unknown to us at the time is a big public holiday in Australia. It was the biggest town we had stopped in for a long time and we both had our hearts set on a wonderful breakfast cooked in an independent cafe with endless supplies of great coffee. Alas it was not to be as pretty much everywhere that looked interesting was closed due to the public holiday. I never understood why people closed businesses on a bank holiday until I started running a business of my own; I’m definitely not work shy but it is really important even in the hospitality industry to get a day off every now and then! That is why we decided to close Hatch on weekends and bank holidays and make sure that we had some balance between hard work and play.

Anyway back to the adventures….

The weather was wild and the sea was crashing against the rocks so we spent most of our time in Albany eating Anzac biscuits and planning our route back north to warmer weather … we were starting to run out of funds again and needed to find work fairly soon. I was torn between pursuing a job which would enhance my new found love of coffee and finding some agricultural work which would allow me and the future Mrs Hatch Coffee to extend our working holiday visas. Find out what we ended up doing in the next update….

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