Our new adventure partner, Seymour the campervan, was well travelled. To say that this guy had issues would be a massive understatement, but that just made us love him even more. From leaky fuel tanks to smoking oil leaks, there were many challenges to contend with. 

On the whole, as you would expect, life as an adventurer was pretty easy going. When we first got Seymour we were on the west coast of Australia, just south of Perth. Our first major decision was simple – which direction to head in, north or south. To save any further debate and to avoid future disappointment we choose to do both, first looping south to explore the tastes and treats that this diverse region has to offer. We unfolded our map and planned a route south to Albany, a mere 608km away, and off we went.

Having the flexibility and time to stop off anywhere that takes your fancy is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. To be able to stay another day when you stumble across an unexpected beauty spot or just quickly stop off for a pie in a one horse town, this total feeling of freedom was a pure delight. 

Our lifestyle was relaxed and routines were out of the window but I still relied on the essential caffeine boost of a cup of coffee to start my day. Our eco-cups were the most used item in the van, although I do have to admit that in rural camping spots I was still forced to rely on making a cup of instant. This made it even more enjoyable when we found a coffee shop that really stood out from the crowd, a great independent coffee shop never fails to put a smile on my face and along our route there were a number of little coffee gems to be found. We stumbled across countless independent cafes and coffee bars that kept us fuelled for our adventures and I continued to learn from every drink. Frequenting a wide range of coffee shops helped me to learn about great coffee, it also allowed me to see what made a place stand out from the crowd as an outstanding independent business. All of this knowledge eventually went into forming the key principals behind Hatch Coffee.

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