Return of the blog

Welcome back.

I’m sure, since the first instalment of my blog over two years ago you’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear what will happen next. I apologise for my tardiness as I am not as consistent with my writing skills as I am with my coffee making, but I intend on changing that.

I imagine blogging is just like learning to ride a bike. It’s all fun and games, until your cousin lets go when he promised not to and you end up with a hole in your lip. Thanks Stephen!

Anyway where was I? Ah, so me and the future Mrs Hatch Coffee arrived in Melbourne in search of adventure and after buying our first round of drinks instantly realised that our assumed plentiful savings were in fact considered ‘pocket change’ in our new local.

Going door to door with CV in hand I managed to secure a role at the Beach Comber in St Kilda as a waiter. It was less than minimum wage, but work was work. During this role I was to wait tables but was forbade to look at, let alone touch the espresso machine. This honour was reserved for the “barista”.

The definition of a barista is a person who makes and serves coffee (such as espresso) to the public, but this description lacks the ethereal elements that are incomprehensible to the average onlooker.

What I witnessed on my first day was an individual who had great pride in his work, striving for perfection with every beverage put on the pass. The bell would ring to signal a drink order was ready and I was consistently enamoured by what I was presented with.

I left my job at the Beach Comber on Christmas Eve to go camping on the Great Ocean Road with friends. What did I take with me? Not the knowledge of how to make great coffee but the intrigue to pursue a similar role in my next employment.

To be continued……

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