My first blog

Hello and welcome to Hatch Coffees inaugural blog
I will be using this blog to help communicate my thoughts and actions as I traverse the Thesian challenges of opening and running my own business.
I have been running Hatch Coffee for three months now and things are going well, but I’m getting ahead of myself.
This story has its origins way back in 2004/2005
Enter stage left- a confused and rather long haired young man still living with his parents and earning a good living doing a job he had no love for. He made a very big decision to try and extract more from life. The hasty purchase of a one way ticket to New Zealand would be the oxygen that would fuel the flames of travel and discovery. To be honest this first year mostly involved travelling from bar to bar and discovering new types of hangover.
But he also uncovered a very different perspective on how to live and how to appreciate the time outside of work. A large part of this revolved around spending time in numerous coffee houses and cafes, drinking in the atmosphere and plenty of delicious coffee.
A return to the UK and unfortunately to reality brought on an uncontrollable urge to recant tales of a far away land where the coffee flows and exquisite brunching is bountiful.
A recipient of one such sermon, a lady with an eye for adventure and a penchant for lunging seemed rather receptive to participating In further exploration.
A reinstatement to the Southern Hemisphere would soon transpire. A night of inebriation and Internet browsing led to not one, but two bargain tickets on a chicken coop long haul flight to Melbourne being booked.
To be continued.
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