Getting back on the horse

Hatch Coffee is back to fuelling Newcastle! I am so pleased to be open again and as my second week of being open draws to an end I am finding that ‘work tired’ feeling creeping back in, it is weirdly pleasant and reassuring. I know, I’m strange right?

I’ll have to admit that I’m generally a positive pukeko but even I have had my fair share of trepidation about the future. What will trade be like? Will people come back? Have people I’ve become friends with been adversely affected by COVID? Do people still like coffee?

Many things are out of my control but what I can influence is the quality of product and service I provide. I believe my best is beyond good enough, it is outstanding, and that’s what you’ll get every time at Hatch Coffee.

Now not all comebacks will go as planned. I managed to time my reopening perfectly with a rather major cyber attack at the local university which in turn reduced the already slim footfall further (starts playing worlds smallest violin) but enough of the negativity already.

Trade has changed but it’s not all bad. I have met plenty of fantastic people over the past two weeks. From customers who have only just discovered Hatch Coffee to familiar faces that have been coming to Hatch from the very first week I opened. Each day brings me the opportunity to meet new and amazing people and I’ll never stop being grateful for that.

The world has changed but new opportunity awaits.

Kettles on ✌️