Getting back on the horse

Hatch Coffee is back to fuelling Newcastle! I am so pleased to be open again and as my second week

Don’t call it a comeback

It seems like an eternity since I have been able to do the thing that I love and that’s make

A KeepCup is for life, not just for lockdown

Welcome back to the Hatch Coffee blog.  Hatch Coffee was built on the dual foundations of sustainability and imagination. I

Lockdown rollercoaster

Hello fellow lockdown peeps. So I am currently in the middle of my thirteenth week of lockdown and I am

Happy birthday

Four years ago today I made and sold my very first coffee as a business owner. That day wasn’t the

Too much time?

So now we’re what, six weeks into lockdown, I’ve begrudgingly embraced my new reality with the eagerness equal to that

Baristas log, star date who knows.

Today is the twenty sixth day in a row that I’ve not made a cup of coffee for someone outside

Hatch Coffee in exile

As with every one of you guys out there, this past week has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. This

The Wild West

Picture this: The unbent highway flanked by boulder sized termite mounds dissolves into the distant horizon. A white Toyota Hiace

Anzac Biscuits

The journey to Albany was an epic adventure, the highlights were varied and I could talk about them all day

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