A KeepCup is for life, not just for lockdown

Welcome back to the Hatch Coffee blog. 

Hatch Coffee was built on the dual foundations of sustainability and imagination. I wanted to create a business that not only provided a great product, but did so in a manner that invited interaction and conversation around bigger issues. Housed in a former parking attendants cabin, Hatch Coffee became a symbol of regeneration. By taking a disused space and turning it into a unique coffee bar, I believe that I have inspired people to think differently about the neglected spaces around them and how, with a little bit of magic, they can be transformed into something new.

In addition to regenerating an unused part of the city, being environmentally responsible in other ways has been a focus for the brand from day one. Where possible, working with local suppliers has helped to keep our carbon footprint down and support the local economy. It’s the small changes that add up and that’s why I cycle to work instead of driving. Cycling to work every day is fun, good for the environment and it also helps me keep fit. I am conscious of doing everything possible to reduce environmental impact although there is no escaping that Hatch Coffee is a takeaway only business, meaning that however hard I try, there will always be a certain level of unavoidable packaging waste. As my business has progressed, I like to think that I have evolved the checks and balances along the way to keep this at a minimum.

Hatch Coffee started out by using recyclable paper cups but I soon learnt that they are only recyclable in certain postcodes. This prompted me to switch to biodegradable and compostable cups, which at least would give nature a fighting chance at braking them down if they were not disposed of correctly. 

I have always championed the use of reusable cups, and this has led to one of my daily highlights, witnessing the variety of cups that customers bring. Some customers have brought the same cup from the very first week we opened, others will bring a different mug from the office each day. What they all have in common, is that with every visit to Hatch Coffee they saved the use of a disposable cup, and believe me that adds up to a lot of waste saved. 

I couldn’t ignore the multiple requests from customers seeking Hatch Coffee branded reusable cups, as we explored the options there were limitless varieties to choose from, but to be honest the choice was simple. The KeepCup has been a constant part of my career in coffee. I was gifted my first KeepCup when I began my coffee career at Melbourne Zoo, and from that day onwards I have kept one close at hand for all of my adventures. 

Although I’m not able to make your favourite drink for you at the moment, I thought I could help elevate the quality of your home brews by selling my KeepCups to you and hand delivering them locally on my bike. I know it’s not much but it’s a start. If you are interested in buying a Hatch Coffee KeepCup and you don’t live a million miles from Heaton, shoot me an email at mark@hatchcoffee.com and I’ll send you some more information. 

Well, I’m about to head out to meet a friend for a socially distanced coffee in the park, and yes I will be taking my KeepCup with me. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember this is only temporary.

Peace ✌️

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