Lockdown rollercoaster

Hello fellow lockdown peeps.

So I am currently in the middle of my thirteenth week of lockdown and I am still surprisingly chipper for someone who has had zero income and minimum human contact for the past three months. The evolution of my own personal lockdown has been rather comical, yet I imagine quite similar to a lot of other peoples experiences.

The initial urge to completely redecorate the house has now waned. I now find myself slowly reverting to my teenage years of eating poorly and playing way too many video games. The extra time for exercise was a blessing at first and I was probably fitter at the start of May then I have ever been in my entire life. Unfortunately it turns out that over training is a thing, and now everything hurts. I think I am in need of several sports massage sessions.

One of the most entertaining aspects of lockdown has been finding ways of using up left over stock before it goes bad. Ive been brewing great coffee and cold brew using our excess coffee from Pink Lane, baking amazing brownies using our hot chocolate from kokao collection and by far my favourite thing is macerating dry fruit in Henny and joe’s chai syrup to give Mrs Hatch’s homemade carrot cake the extra boost of yumminess.

All of the above have been welcome distractions from what is certainly not the best of times. As always I am keeping my eyes on government guidelines and waiting to see how things develop before committing to a reopening day for Hatch, but hopefully it not be too long to go now.

I really hope you guys are managing ok and I look forward to sharing stories with you over a brew soon.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember this is only temporary.

Peace ✌️

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