Happy birthday

Four years ago today I made and sold my very first coffee as a business owner. That day wasn’t the start of a journey but rather a single step in an ongoing adventure.

I can still feel the visceral apprehension of that time. The strange sensation that you have done everything you can to give yourself the best shot at success and then just hoping that people will turn up.

I have found those same feelings rearing up again in our current situation but feel like what worked then will continue to work now. I know that I will be able to make coffee again, and have accepted that business will be slow at first just like the first year. This time however I have the roadmap with a clear destination and directions along the way to help me get there.

Any potential opening day is still in flux but my positivity is bolstered by the way that I have seen certain local businesses adapt and thrive under such difficult conditions. When I feel it is safe and appropriate to do so I will make your favourite drink again.

In the meantime I continue to willingly educate myself and forcefully educate Mrs Hatch in the lore of coffee roasting. Our bedtime stories now comprise of roasting chemistry and green coffee processing and storage.

So tonight I’ll be sipping a cool beer in celebration of 4 great years of business and thinking about the next 4 to come.

Cheers guys.

Stay safe, stay healthy and remember this is only temporary.

Peace ✌️

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