Too much time?

So now we’re what, six weeks into lockdown, I’ve begrudgingly embraced my new reality with the eagerness equal to that of an amateur baker seeking yeast.  My weekly routine is set in stone giving me that warm fuzzy feeling of structure that my simple brain constantly craves.

How am I able to take it all in my stride I hear you ponder? The trick is not to think about the future. In a reality where our current situation could resolve itself in infinite ways, it would make Dr Strange’s head spin. It’s simply better not to think about the what ifs, but to concentrate on the how to’s.

Think about the things you can affect directly and concentrate on those. Improve a skill, learn something new or just enjoy the extra time you have with those close to you.

This past week alone  I have learnt how to cook three new recipes from a cookbook (the Dishoom one, which is fantastic by the way) I have begun my online coffee roasting course which has been extremely helpful in my further understanding of the coffee industry and to top it off on Saturday I ran 22 miles and survived.

As always, remember this is only temporary. Things will get back to normal and one day when they do, you will catch yourself complaining that you don’t have the time to do things you want to.

Peace ✌️

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