Baristas log, star date who knows.

Today is the twenty sixth day in a row that I’ve not made a cup of coffee for someone outside of my house. I haven’t pulled a shot of espresso in nearly four weeks or steamed milk in nearly a month and I miss it. On the plus side my French press routine is lit.

I took my daily constitutional in the early hours of this morning and went down to Hatch for its weekly inspection and after about ten minutes inside I caught myself reminiscing. Four years ago I was in the middle of converting the former parking attendants cabin into what it is today. A gamble that has more than paid off.

As the years of trading have passed I have had the privilege to meet and serve customers from all walks of life, and I am grateful daily for the feeling of belonging that this has afforded me. I cant wait to resume the daily interactions that many of us may have taken for granted.

I’ve started thinking of this time as the “off season” and have decided to brush up my knowledge on some coffee subjects that interest me. “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Well that’s what Buddha says. With that in mind I’ve signed up for a online coffee roasters course to better understand the principles of how my main resource is produced.

To wrap up on a positive note. I’ve found many small blessings in this time at home we’ve been given. Quality time with my wife, watching the birds, daily exercise and of course time for good coffee.

If anyone has any questions about how to brew good coffee at home or just fancies a catch up, get in touch with me on Facebook/Twitter/instagram or email me at I may not be able to make your drink for you but that’s just part of the Hatch Coffee experience.

Stay safe, stay healthy and remember this is only temporary.

Peace ✌️

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